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Small and medium-sized businesses are the motor of the Dutch economy

Small and medium-sized businesses are the motor of the Dutch economy.

Because of modern technology and innovation, small businesses have the tools to beat the big corporates. More than ever. Look at Marqt, the small but luxury supermarket standing up against Albert Heijn, or bike manufacturer VanMoof challenging Gazelle.

Running a business is a complex activity.

As the impact of SMB’s is growing, so is complexity for these businesses. Keeping up with laws and administration becomes more complex, the impact of digital technology grows, financial interests become higher and the need for external funding grows too. In short, things are getting complicated.

Running a business is a complex activity.

We offer advice you can build your business upon.

We offer advice you can build your business upon.

That’s why we’re here.

At Smit & de Wolf we oversee every financial element of your business. Besides automating and controlling your administration, we offer a wide variety of services. From improving your solvability to helping you find external financing; from valuation of the business to Due Dilligence; from acquisition to tax advice.

A client made us a business card saying ‘CFO’

We’re on your side.

We’re just as proud when reaching a major target. As we’re businessmen too, we understand what running a business feels like. And therefore, we’re part of your team. One of our clients actually made us a business card saying ‘CFO’. We then realized this is the core of what we do best.

Smit & de Wolf. For every business that could use a CFO.

A client made us a business card saying ‘CFO’

The team
We view entrepreneurs not as customers that help drive up revenue. We see ourselves as part of the client's team.
  • Junior assistent accountant
    Ashwien Wins

    Ashwien is a problem solver, and supports our accountants and account managers. Next to his work at Smit & de Wolf, he is studying accountancy.

  • Junior tax advisor
    Bas Vogelzang

    Bas works in our income tax practice. He fills in complicated tax returns from both business as private clients, and values direct communication. Next to his responsibilities at Smit & de Wolf, he’s finishing a master’s degree in labour law and tax law.

  • Partner / tax specialist
    Henk-Jan Garnaat RB MB

    As a ‘CFO’, Henk-Jan is always looking for success for his clients. As an experienced tax specialist he is specialized in financial and fiscal aspects of real estates, mergers and acquisitions. Thus, he’s always overseeing ‘the bigger picture’.

  • Partner / accountant
    Dave Lodder AA

    Dave lives for SMBs, and is an expert when it comes to succession planning, acquisitions, reorganizations, financing problems and fiscal optimalization. Whatever the challenge, Dave has a solution.

  • Partner / accountant
    Robert-Jan Peeters AA

    Robert-Jan is a senior advisor on both strategic and field level. He advises and assists with formulating strategies and targets, but simultaneously looks after setting up the financial administration. Besides this, he’s an expert when it comes to valuation of businesses during acquisition – both buying and selling.

  • Partner / accountant
    Rutger de Wolf MSc RA

    Rutger is a son of one of the founders of Smit & de Wolf. He fulfils the role of CFO for multiple clients, is end responsible for the accountancy practice and specialist when it comes to Due Diligence.

  • Senior assistent accountant
    René Baven

    René is an expert when it comes to automated financial administration and sparring partner for both small and medium-sized businesses. He services a set group of SMB-entrepreneurs, which he advises on a daily basis.

  • Senior assistent accountant
    Frank van Vliet

    Frank is a senior account manager of multiple SMB+ businesses. He pays attention to details, focuses on a multidisciplinary approach and values long-lasting client relationships.

  • Assistent accountant
    Richard de Graaf

    Richard supports our accountancy practice, and likes to learn one new ding a day. After a short career as a professional football player, he has been responsible for processing our clients’ financial administrations for quite some time.

  • Tax advisor
    Martijn Roijen RB

    Martijn is responsible for our corporate tax department, and likes working in an ever-changing field of work. He is specialized in estate- and financial planning.

  • Secretary
    Marian Deijbel

    Marian is our go-to person for clients on a daily basis and continuously invests in the human side of our business. She welcomes clients and relations with a smile.

  • Tax advisor
    Piet Broeren FA RB

    Piet is responsible for our income tax practice, and specialises in complex income tax problems and estate planning. He advises businesses and private clients on both tax-related and financial questions.

  • Accountant
    Peter van der Poel AA

    Peter serves a broad group of clients, varying from start-ups to medium-sized businesses. He services clients with a smart and automated financial administration and kick-starts businesses with relevant knowledge and know-how.

  • Senior assistent accountant
    Gerard de Jager

    Gerard is our specialist when it comes to the hospitality industry. As an experienced advisor who values the diversity within our business, he helps clients to setup their financial administration as efficient as possible.

  • Senior assistent accountant
    Wil de Boer

    Wil started in controlling, but now fulfils a key role in our accountancy practice. With his knowlegde on ICT, he delivers value to clients in multiple ways.

  • Office Manager
    Ellis den Bol-Breukel

    Ellis is the first point of contact for any client. She keeps Smit & de Wolf moving with her knowledge, and besides that takes care of our own financial administration.

  • Senior assistent accountant
    Sander de Wolf

    Sander specializes in financial processes and Exact Online, and serves multiple SMB-clients with his problem-solving mentality. He is the eldest son of one of the founders of Smit & de Wolf.

  • ICT / System management
    Mark Peeters

    Mark optimizes digital processes to enhance efficiency for both our clients and Smit & de Wolf. He specializes in virtualisation, and thus adds value in financial processes both internally and externally.

  • Secretary
    Vicky van Herk-Mattheus

    Vicky has an answer to all your questions: she always knows the right person for a specific problem. Next to that, she takes care of our webcare and has been around for quite some years at Smit & de Wolf.

  • Junior tax advisor
    Richard Schelvis
  • Assistent tax adviser
    Nourdin Salhi

    Nourdin specializes in corporate tax and is a team player. He likes diverse and challenging fiscal issues, and is responsible for filling in all tax returns at Smit & de Wolf.

  • Assistent accountant
    Ingrid Cloosterman
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